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I was a standup comic. Then my 21 yr old son was killed. I wrote a song on a napkin inspired by his last conversation with First Responders. I process things by writing and being creative. “Gonna Leave” sits squarely on the edge of CCM and Country. Could really go either way. Wherever it goes it’s a hopeful trip of faith with a therapeutic grief and joy vibe.

I grew up in the country. My dad played banjo in a bluegrass group, and my mom played guitar. I write and I sing. They're buried by an old church back home. My son is buried two blocks from me. I'm exploring my roots and my own story as I tell his. I'm trying to laugh and write again. I'd love for you to stick around.


Telling Corban's Story.
Supporting First Responders.
Remembering grieving parents.
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